What is Job Analysis?

Job Analysis is the prescribed process of identifying the content of a job in terms activities involved and attributes needed to perform the work and recognizes major job requirements. In other words, it means:

  • The technique for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it.
  • The process of job analysis results in two set of data:
    1. Job description: A list of job’s duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships, working environment and supervisory responsibility.
    2. Job specification: A list of job’s “human requirements,” that is necessary education, skills, personality and so on.

What is Job description?

A job description should include: 

  • Job Title:  Explains the position, rank or level.
  • Job location: It includes the physical location of the job, the days and hours of the position, and contains any potential overtime that may be required to perform the job.
  • Goals and Objectives: it contains goals and objectives the incumbents should be accomplishing in its job.
  • Position Reports To: It consist of those persons who the employee should report to i.e. the boss of the job holder 
  • Immediate level subordinates: A job description also includes the subordinates of the job holder.
  • Machines, tools and equipment’s used: It includes those machines and tools which will be used by the job holder to perform his duties.
  • Key Responsibilities: The key responsibilities section of your job description should give clear and unambiguous detail of the core tasks that your employee is accountable and responsible for.
  • Core Skills: The core skills section of a job description are those minimum skills and experience that the incumbent will need to perform the job in a professional and responsible manner for your organization. 
  • Authority limits: The employee should know his authority limits. He shouldn’t go beyond his authority limits.
  • Working environment: It includes the kind of environment in which the job holder will work.
  • Hazards: The hazards involved in performing the job is also included in it

What is Job specification?

It includes the following:

Quantitative factors:

Age, sex, education, professional qualification, 


Special qualification: languages, marital status, vehicle ownership, achievement in other fields


Character traits: 

Stability, industrious, loyalty, self-reliance, leadership.

Job motivation:

Money, security, status, power, perfection, competitiveness, service, recognition.

Degree of emotional immaturity:

Incapacity of self-dependence

Disregard of consequences


Pleasure mindedness

Unwillingness to accept responsibility

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May 20, 2017