The most accurate, efficient mean of conduction of e-commerce is Internet. The internet is emerging as a major worldwide distribution channel for goods, services, managerial and professional jobs. This is profoundly changing economics, market and industrial structure, product and services with their flow, consumer segmentation, consumer value, consumer behavior, Jobs and labor market. The impact may be greater on societies, government and on the way we see the world and our self in it. E-Commerce, E com and E tailing are interchangeable.

Buying and selling of goods, services and information and money over electronic network primarily internet these business transaction occur either as B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B.

Different Perspective of eCommerce

Following are the different perspective of eCommerce;


Delivery of goods, services, information and payment over computer network or any other electronic means.


That is providing capability of buying and selling product, services and information on the internet via other online services.

Business Process

That is doing business electronically by completing business process over electronic network, there by substituting information for physical business process.


A tool that addresses the desire of government, firms, consumers and management to cut service cost while improving the quality of the customer service and increasing the speed of service delivery.

Learning Perspective of eCommerce

Enabler of online training and education in schools, universities and other organization including business.


The framework for INTER and INTRA organization collaboration.


It provides the gathering place for community members to learn, Collaborate and transact. So modern definition of E com include buying and selling of goods and services, servicing customers, collaborating with business partners and conducting electronic transactions with in the organization.

Types of eCommerce Organizations

Following are the Types of eCommerce Organizations;

Brick and Marten Organization

These are the old economy organization or composition that performs most of the business offline, selling physical products by means of a physical agent.

Click and Marten Organization

Which conduct some electronic e.com activities but do their primary business in the physical world.

Pure Play Organization

Which conduct their business activities solely online.

E market Place

It is an online market place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services, money and information.


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December 17, 2018