A voucher is small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or services.

Types of Voucher

Following are the types of voucher;

Debt Cash Voucher

When bank receive any amount from any customer then debt cash voucher is used means that they are used to record cash payments .This is always white in color.

When the customer directly deposit the amount the code is 14 and when the customer deposit through MCO then the code is 15.These voucher will be prepared in the duplicate the original copy will be retained in the branch for official use, the duplicate copy will be handed over to the customer or the depositor. The signature LTI/RIT of the depositor should be obtained on the back side of the original voucher before the duplicate copy is delivered to the customer

Credit Cash Voucher

When bank is giving amount to its customer then the credit cash voucher is used. This is always green or blue in color.

It will also prepared in duplicate for all cash payment and the signature and the thumb impression of the customer or the depositor will be obtained by the cashier on the back side of the original Voucher.

Transfer Voucher

In any transaction in which transfer of money is required from one bank to another or from one account to another then the Transfer Voucher will be used. This voucher is yellow in color.

Transfer Voucher will be prepared for all the transaction where Cash is not involved. This Voucher must be signed by the manager himself or with another authorized signatory. These all voucher will be stitched or sealed under cover of wrapper.

Day book copy that involves all transactions and Voucher information will be also attached with the Voucher. To sign the Cheque authorities are given to two members known as AMO and Manager. 

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December 10, 2018