Qualitative Method

The main points of Qualitative Method are;

  1. It includes in depths interviews, focus of discussion and reviews of documentation.
  2. It uses inductive process to formulate theory or hypothesis.
  3. It is more subjective because it describes a problem from researcher point of view.
  4. It is totally text based.
  5. It uses more in depth information on few cases or subjects.
  6. It uses unstructured or semi-structure responses option.
  7. No statistical test is used in Qualitative methods.
  8. The reliability and validity of research depends upon skills of researcher.
  9. In qualitative method there is less time in planning stage and more time in analysis of data.
  10. The data in qualitative method is less generalizable.

Quantitative Method

The main points of Quantitative Method are;

  1. It includes, survey methods and structure interviews.
  2. Quantitative method uses deductive process.
  3. It is more objective because it provides observer facts.
  4. It is totally number and digits based.
  5. It uses less in depth information on large number of population.
  6. Fixed response option is used in quantitative method.
  7. Different statistical tools and methods are used in this method.
  8. The validity and reliability of research depends upon the instrument used in the research.
  9. In quantitative method there is more time on planning phase and less time on analysis of data.
  10. The data used in quantitative method is more generalized.

Deductive Process

It works from more general to more specific. First theory is formed which is accepted and it converts into hypothesis and the hypothesis is accepted to form observation; if the observation is accepted then law is formed and if the observation is rejected then the hypothesis is modified.

Stages of deductive Process

  • Deducing hypothesis from the theory.
  • Proposing a relationship between 2 variables in hypothesis.
  • Testing hypothesis with suitable research method.
  • After analysis confirming or rejecting the hypothesis
  • In case of rejection we modify the hypothesis.

Inductive Process

It works from more specific to more general level because inductive process is open ended and exploratory process.

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December 18, 2018