What is Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human mind such as mental processes and behavior. Study of Psychology is logical as well as it’s rational. Psychology knowledge is based on experiments. The knowledge of Psychology is objective it’s not subjective. Psychology knowledge is reliable along with its objectivity. Psychology knowledge contain testable hypothesis. The hypothesis is text oriented knowledge which may or may not be proved. In Psychology there is theoretical frame work. In psychology there is Empirical Evidence. Psychology doesn’t rely on observation of common people. Psychology study the human mental processes like perception, Thinking, imagination, dreams, intuition etc. Psychology also studies the observable actions of human beings for example speaking, talking, eating etc.

Uses of Psychology

Following are the uses of Psychology;

  1. Psychology develops critical thinking.
  2. Psychology gives you an understanding of human dynamics in the work place.
  3. Psychology gives you an understanding of relationships and well-being everywhere.
  4. Psychology polishes your leadership qualities.
  5. Psychology develops your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  6. Psychology improves your memory and concentration.
  7. Psychology teaches you stress management techniques.
  8. Psychology helps you in personality grooming.
  9. Psychology makes you good observer.
  10. Psychology enhances your emotional intelligence.
  11. Psychology makes good team workers.
  12. Psychology teaches you aggression management techniques.
  13. It teaches you to differentiate between normality and abnormality.

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December 18, 2018