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The Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange, and Islamabad Stock Exchange merged to form the PSX (PAKISTAN STOCK EXCHANGE) on January 11, 2016. PSX had around 540 businesses listed in January 2021, with a total market capitalization of PKR 8,398,456,068 ($52 billion). PSX provides a platform to companies and businesses so that they can earn and raise money for their operations and on the other hand it also provides a platform for investors so that they can invest their money in different companies and can get returns on their investment.

What is an Index?

An index is a standardized technique of tracking the performance of a group of assets. Indexes are used to track the performance of a group of securities designed to imitate a specific market segment. In the financial markets, indexes are frequently employed as benchmarks against which an investment's performance is measured. These indexes could be broad-based, such as the Standard & Poor's 500 Index or Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), or more specialized, such as indexes that track a specific industry or segment. In Pakistan Stock Exchange KSE100, KSE30, KMI30, and ALL SHARES ISLAMIC Index are the most common ones.

These indices are a good tool for the PSX Market Watch and help us provide an overview of the stock exchange.

KSE 100 Index

The KSE-100 Index was launched in November 1991 with a 1,000-point base value. The Index is made up of 100 firms chosen for their sector representation and largest free-float capitalization, accounting for more than 80% of the total free-float capitalization of the Exchange's companies. The first 36 firms are chosen, one from each sector, based on their highest free-float capitalization, and the following 64 companies are chosen in descending order based on their largest free-float capitalization. This is a total return index, which means dividends, bonuses, and rights are all taken into account. It is updated every six months to determine if companies should be included or excluded based on the above-mentioned criteria.

Free Float:

The percentage of a company's total paid-up shares that are easily accessible for trading on a stock exchange is known as free-float. Managing directors, investors, promoters, the government, and other locked-in shares which are not open for trade in the ordinary course of business are omitted.

Except for the selection of firms based on free-float market capitalization rather than total market capitalization, the rules for composition and recomposition of the Index based on free-float methodology have remained unchanged.

KSE 30 Index

The KSE-30 index was created in June 2005 with a base value of 10,000 index points to give investors a sense of how the Pakistani equities market's large companies' scrips are performing over time. As a result, the KSE-30 Index is designed to be comparable over time to other indicators that track various aspects of the country's economic activity, such as the gross national product and the consumer price index.

KMI 30 Index

The KSE-Meezan Index (KMI) was launched in September 2008 to serve as a gauge for monitoring the performance of Shariah-compliant equities investments. In addition to tracking the performance of Shariah-compliant stocks, its design will boost investor confidence and engagement. 


The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and Meezan Islamic Bank Limited collaborated to launch the product on November 18, 2015. The All Shares Islamic Index's main goal is to measure the performance of the Shariah-compliant component of the equities market. As a result, it is critical that all shares that match the Shariah screening requirements be included in the All Shares Islamic Index to assure the index's completeness and adherence to the proposed All Shares Islamic Index's fundamental aim. The companies that make up this index are chosen using a six-factor selection process. The first criterion is that the company's principal operation must be permissible under Islamic Shariah as well as ethical considerations. The financial compliance of the companies is determined by five other elements. Following selection, these firms are subjected to a six-stage filter that eliminates defaulters, non-operational firms, and all Mutual Fund firms.

PSX Market Watch

The Market Watch window displays price data for financial instruments in the form of quotations, price statistics, and a tick chart. PSX market watch provides the data and information of all the indices that are present in the Pakistan stock exchange. PSX market watch at provide the person with all the necessary information which includes the dividend yield, index previous close, index change, and index change percentage.

For PSX Market Watch, provide widgets for market overview, market snapshot, company snapshot etc that can be embedded in other websites. Check market overview widget embeded below;

Markets Overview Widget:
Markets Overview

It is a useful tool for market overview and information. PSX market watch includes information on indices like ALL SHARES ISLAMIC Index and KMI 30. 

PSX market watch briefs the investor that which sectors are progressing and in which sector must they invest to get profits. Investors can get a look at the general trend of the stock market based on the index performance from the PSX market watch.

PSX market watch has been a very useful way to analyze and access the market for stocks in these challenging times of covid-19 where the market has been very volatile. PSX market watch has provided with the change in index and change percentage that has been very practical information for investors which comes in  handy while choosing which stocks to invest in.

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PSX market watch helps the customers understand a better picture of the overall market and how do they react to any internal or external stimuli. A better way to understand what is good for the market and what is the right time to invest in the market.



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July 15, 2021