In this method, the job analyst carefully observes the job holder at work and records what he or she does, how he or she does, and how much time is needed for completion of a given task.


In this, the analyst interviews the job holder and his/her supervisor to elicit information about the job


Job holder fills in the given structured questionnaires, which are then approved by their supervisors. The filled in questionnaires offer enough data on jobs 


Checklist is like a questionnaire, but the response sheet contains fewer subjective judgments and tends to be either-yes-or-no variety. 

Technical Conference Method:

In this method, the details of job are obtained by the supervisors who possess extensive knowledge about a job.

Diary Method:

In this method, the job holders are required to record in detail their activities of each day.


Position Analysis Questionnaire(PAQ):

The PAQ itself is filled by a job analyst, a person who should already be acquainted with a job to be analysed.

Department of labour (DOL) procedure:

Standardized method for rating, classifying and comparing virtually every kind of job based on data, people and things.

Functional job analysis:

A method for classifying job like the DOL analysis but additionally taking into account the extent to which instructions, reasoning, judgment and verbal facility are necessary for performing job tasks.  

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December 29, 2017