Ahmad is a personal financial planner. Along with this job Ahmad spends all of his days making sure that investors, from employees to entrepreneurs, are selecting investments which fit their life plan and needs. Ahmad must be a professional in investment analysis and portfolio management if he is to keep his position in the field.


Ahmad is presently working with 2 clients: a successful 25-year-old and a 90-year-old grandma who is a retiree. He must make cautious decisions for both. We will soon find that these decisions can be extremely different. It all begins with an investment analysis form to make sure he understands the goals of each party.


When Ahmad discuss with the 25-year-old he sees passion. This young woman, graduating at the top of her class and moving on soon to be one of the topmost consultants in a business development firm, has success on her mind. She wants to take full advantage of her investments to create the future she chooses to live. She is not scared of risk because she has no family, mortgage payments, or other obligations.


On the contrary, the 90-year-old woman is concerned with stability. Her age retains her from go back into the work force. This woman desires to make sure that she can survive and leave what is left from her life to her children.


For the 25-year-old, Ahmad takes more aggressive approach. He picks stocks in technologically associated companies, aggressive mutual funds, and more. Though he still retains stable platforms, like bonds, he even picks the most aggressive of these. Ahmad desires to help this woman fulfill her dreams and allow her to find stability far ahead in life, as per her desires.


For the 90-year-old, Ahmad picks the most stable of investments. Treasury bills, government bonds, and light risk mutual funds are huge part of her portfolio. Ahmad wants to assist the woman in having the relaxed life that she is habituated to.


Ahmad has been successful in use of investment analysis software and concepts. Each woman has attained their goals. Cheers to the help of a trained financial advisor, they can move on to chase their life with the expectations they had.


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March 09, 2018