In 1960’s and 1970’s scholars started to note the commonality of problems faced by operation so they started treating operation system as a proper system. The sequence in which some important concepts related to operation were developed is as follow;

JIT (Just in time)

In 1980’s a revolution was brought about in how the production should be carried out. Started by Japanese JIT is integrated set of activities design to achieve high volume of production using minimum inventory of parts that arrive at the work station exactly when need along with the total Quality Control  ; aggressively trying to remove the causes of production defects. JIT is the core stone of many production practices.

Manufacturing Strategy Paradigm

This concept was made popular by Harvard business school professor. It focuses on the concept of tradeoffs and factory focus that management should try to have focus of their operation on which they can work extremely well for example low cost can be a factory focus but it cannot be coupled with high quality , low cost company will have to let go high quality.

Services and Productivity

The great diversity of service industry from airlines to zoos makes it very difficult to have a single system as bench mark. Certain companies have been successful in standardizing their operations for example Usmania which have made sure that quality of its food provided by its one restaurant in one city is same as provided by another branch at another city.

TQM (Total Quality Management)

Another development is the focus on TQM which basically ensure that quality is checked out at every step of operation rather at the end. Many awards in this category are important especially Aldridge National Quality Award Which is given to the manufacturer for outstanding quality management system. The ISO 9000 Certification given by International organization for standardization. Basically provide global quality standards for manufacturers.

BPR (Business Process Re engineering)

This Idea was popularized during the global economic recession of 1990’s. This basic idea is the organization should take a look at all the process. Eliminate all those steps that are non-valued added and automate the remaining steps to achieve the desired outcome.

Supply Chain Management

Todays is the time of competition of one supply chain with the other supply chain enhancing the importance of establishing long-term relationships with suppliers.

Internet Commerce

Internet has changed the world. The use of Web pages, search engines has changed the way people collect information and communicates. It has also made an remarkable impact on the operation system.

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December 10, 2018