Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person of understanding his own emotions as well as others emotions. It is also about considering other persons perspective and then taking an effective decision, emotional intelligence makes a person’s thinking, goals and decisions smart. It helps a person in controlling his emotions at times and makes him think positively.

In every business employee hiring could be made easier if it’s about their degree achievement of how much research they have done. But it’s not the case, in this era every business wants to be at the top and keep flourishing for which their very first objective is to maintain an internal environment of an organization which could only be achieved when the employee engagement, their commitment to their work would be high. Of course traditional working environment doesn’t help in increased productivity of organization where employees aren’t allowed to speak up what is in their mind and no one is concerned about their emotions.

In businesses employee hiring is when emotional intelligence is considered as a plus point or is considered as a personality trait because different studies reveals that emotional intelligence has a lot more to do in an organization. Mangers who are rude and don’t listen to what their employees want to say as their emotional intelligence is low, decreases confidence of their employees and also the productivity of organization. While managers who have high emotional intelligence considers the emotions of their employees by creating an environment where its employees can speak what they want to say, they are provided a platform where they can share their ideas which boosts up their self confidence but also an environment of trust is developed.

A manager who is emotionally intelligent is self aware of his all aspects either strength or weakness, he uses his strengths in the accomplishment of goal and tries to improve his weaknesses. He has a very clear image of what his goals are and how to communicate those with its employees. Communication of a manager has an impact upon its employees, manager whose emotional intelligence is high their facial expressions and gestures doesn’t offend others because they understands that non verbal communication has an impact upon what others perceive and what they should have perceived.

If emotional intelligence is made one of the important aspect of business environment it would help the managers and employees to solve a major problem and to agree upon one solution because it would let everyone them to understand other persons perspective. It would also help in resolving conflicts and each one of them would contribute equally being the member of a team work increasing motivation of all the members and so as the productivity of the organization.

It helps in developing a sense of positivity and a higher EI lets a person to remain optimistic throughout his life even when some criticism is made a person finds opportunities in that and tries to overcome such issues and become more ambitious. Criticism doesn’t affect his emotions as he has a positive attitude towards his work so it increases its motivation level. A manager with higher EI is not only a self motivator but this attitude also increases motivation of its employees hence increasing their confidence.

A person who is emotionally intelligent knows when and how to express emotions, a leader has this skill he can control his emotions and thoughts for which he is called a leader as acts as an influencer for his team workers and managing emotions at work can only lead to a successful business and one is able to achieve his desire goals. They are able to manage situations which are difficult to handle and working calmly even when their id pressure. They don’t let their emotions ruin working environment by staying positive at their workplace, taking every situation as a task and work effectively to achieve that task.

Emotional intelligence helps in understanding the personality of others what their needs are and work with them in the form of a team which has high collaboration and mutual understanding. Such teams when are built whose emotional intelligence is high they develop an environment of trust, engagement and confidence and work with all their potential. Such groups are able to maximum output increasing productivity of a business. Empathy being one of the elements of EI helps in knowing the needs of others, being empathetic means that you don’t over react with other persons concerns in fact guide them with what would better for them and supports them for their emotions.

There are times in business when there is so much stress; the managers who have high emotional intelligence are able to tackle that stress what they do is that they do things which are most important and vice verse. But also that they don’t let their emotions to lose their concentration from their work they stay cleared about what tasks are most important and how they have to complete in time. They have the ability to plan rationally and then they implement that plan in performing their work. It also lets them to make tough decisions at times with confidence and after taking decisions they stand by with what they decided.

Emotional intelligence has now become an important element in business all over the world because in the long run it would enable a business to be successful. Emotionally intelligent environments could be attained only if the emotions of every individual would be considered what they think their ideas, thoughts are listened. If the employees are satisfied with what they are doing only then the maximum productivity of the organization would be achieved. Also that with the emotional intelligence you will be able to understand what you want to say how you will say and when you will and to whom because a clear image of this thing would enable you to perform as leader a motivator a good communicator in short emotions would be communication in a well organized way to the employees.

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November 18, 2018